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Reader Showcase // Pottery Barn inspired Toscana Table

Reader Showcase / Pottery Barn inspired Toscana Table

I am new to building furniture and I am so very thankful for these plans. Saved me a lot of money.

So I got married in June and was walking through Pottery Barn with her one day when she said how much she loved a certain Pottery Barn Table. The Toscana Table is a beautiful table but no way I was going to spend what they are asking for it. I blurted out that I could build that, mind you I had 0 building experience and had no idea where to even start. So, after Google sleuthing for a few days I came accross this website and these plans. They were absolutely a life savor. I did modify it though. I used 2x6's for the legs instead iof 2x4's. It gave a thicker look and I felt matched the Pottery Barn version more closely. ... Read More

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Flooring doesn't have to be expensive.
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Basil-Tomato-Garlicky Goodness

Basil-Tomato-Garlicky Goodness

I’m pretty sure there is no better flavor combination than the majestic trio of garlic, basil and tomato. Now I’ve never self-identified as an Italian-loving foodie, but when you fill the kitchen with the potent scent of garlic, freshly chopped basil, and oh-so-juicy home-grown tomatoes I’ll be the first say, “DELIZIOSO!”... Read More


Suspect being questioned for Modesto double murder

UPDATE: Modesto man arrested for double murder


The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department is questioning a suspect in the murder of a man and woman Sunday near the Tuolumne River.

The names of the suspect and the victims have not been released. However, police believe the victims had been homeless and living near the river.

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Locked out of WHATEVER, Call us WHENEVER!!!
Letting the Future Grow
Flooring doesn't have to be expensive.

Modesto man arrested for double murder

A Modesto man has been arrested for the shooting deaths of two people Sunday near the Tuolumne River.

Robert Leon Lynch, 74, is facing two charges of murder, according to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. He is accused of killing Cynthia Antrim, 30, and Chad Evert Romesha, 41, both of Modesto.

The sheriff's department said deputies were called to investigate a report of shots fired at about 11:17 a.m. Sunday in the 600 block of River Road. They arrived to find Antrim and Romesha shot; Antrim was pronounced dead at the scene, while Romesha died later at a local hospital, the sheriff's department said.

Lynch was located at the scene of the shooting when deputies arrived, the sheriff's department said. He was taken into custoday at that time.

Get Back to Work: Your Personal Brand

In my book, Get Back to Work: Smart and Savvy Real-World Strategies to Make your Next Career Move, the third chapter – Your Brand – is all about the critical and often overlooked step of building and maintaining your personal brand.

You probably have read about this idea of “creating a personal brand.” What is it exactly? And where do you begin? Once you’ve identified what it is, then what do you do with it?  The Your Brand chapter in my upcoming book will help you to answer those important questions.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

145 pounds of meth seized in searches in Modesto, Brentwood

Law enforcement officials seized 145 pounds of methamphetamine Thursday while serving search warrants in Modesto and Brentwood.

Leonor Sarabia, 44, Estelo Chaidez, 34, and Humberto Olguin, 22, all of Modesto, were arrested for conspiracy, possession of methamphetamine for sales, transportation of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance while armed, according to the Modesto police. Vanessa Santos, 23, of Modesto, was arrested for child endangerment.

In addition to the methamphetamine, officers seized a half-pound of heroin and $6,000.

The arrests and seizures were made during searches conducted at 9 a.m. Thursday at two locations in Modesto and one location in Brentwood by the Stanislaus County Drug Enforcement Agency and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. A press release from Modesto police did not identify the locations.