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Stanislaus sheriff issues letter to community

Stanislaus County Sheriff-Coroner Adam Christianson posted the following letter on the sheriff's department's Facebook page to reassure the local community of the department's commitment to serve in light of many police agencies feeling beleaguered by protests against police tactics( i.e. Ferguson, New York City, Cleveland). The sheriff also thanked those served for their continued support.

Post by Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

2014 rankings: University of the Pacific is diverse, smart and cool

2014 rankings: University of the Pacific is diverse, smart and cool

University of the Pacific awards more doctoral degrees to Asian American students than any other college in the country. Pacific alumni have the sixth-highest salaries among recent graduates who earned diplomas at West Coast colleges. And the university counts among the 15 most popular, 50 most beautiful, 50 smartest and 100 “coolest” campuses in the nation.

Those are just some of the rankings Pacific chalked up this year in assessments from popular magazines and websites, including Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Payscale.com, PolicyMic.com, Lumosity, Sierra Magazine and more.

“It’s wonderful when these rankings emphasize what we already know about Pacific,” said Provost Maria Pallavicini. “Pacific is a special place that prepares students for success through rigorous academics and superior teaching. While no ranking should be taken too seriously, we appreciate being recognized in so many areas.”

Diverse students

Tree falls, crushes cars, near Modesto apartment complex

A large tree fell early Monday morning, crushing cars and waking up residents at a Modesto apartment complex near Yosemite Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue.

The tree fell around 4 a.m. according to Jesse Valderas, who sent News10 photos of the damage. Authorities have been called but no one has responded according to Valderas.

We'll update this story with more information. Stay tuned!

Modesto police chief scrambles to replace officers who leave


STOCKTON - Modesto Chief of Police Galen Carroll has a big job the next several months: Get his department back to full officer staffing after many of his people have left for Bay Area policing jobs.

"It's frustrating. It's an expensive training ground, not what you want to do as a police department," Carroll said about training so many officers who end up leaving.

The chief said officers leave for cities like Sunnyvale and Hayward because they can make $40,000 more in salary and benefits.

Modesto police convince man wielding sword to surrender

Modesto police convinced a man, who was wielding a sword in the bed of a truck, to surrender Wednesday morning, according to Modesto police spokeswoman Heather Grave.

Grave said the department received a call at 7:04 a.m. about a man wielding a sword behind the transportation center on 8th Street. Officers arrived to find the man standing in the bed of a truck holding a sword.

Officers negotiated with the man for about an hour before they got him to surrender, said Grave.

There was information given on if the man will face charges or not.

Modesto flood prevention not a hit with neighbors

Public work officials in Stanislaus County would like to think they're solving flood-related problems in the Parklawn neighborhood in Modesto. Residents claim the effort has created new problems.

"That was my parking spot before. All the neighbors got cars everywhere, with no room to park," resident Jose Cortez said.

The county is about 80 percent finished building swales (small ditches) in front of hundreds of homes in this unincorporated area of southwest Modesto.

"A swale is a dirt shoulder, graded down to hold water, rain water," pubic works director Matt Machado said.

Some residents said the new ditchs have eliminated parking because they're so deep.

"It doesn't look right. Can't park in front of your own yard. Don't think it's right," Larry Hernandez said.

But Machado said it's the best solution for a neighborhood that often floods.

Feather Raft inventor wins first Stanislaus Innovation Challenge

Feather Raft inventor wins first Stanislaus Innovation Challenge

MODESTO — A Turlock middle school teacher won Stanislaus County’s first Innovation Challenge with his invention for a lightweight raft called the Feather Raft.

Elias Ruiz of Hughson won $2,500 in cash and $2,500 in professional services.

“I’m excited. We put a lot of work into this to get to this point,” Ruiz said. “We can really use this win, because we’re at that stage where this is something that we needed to get us to the next level.”

Ruiz, a math and science teacher at Dutcher Middle School in Turlock, said he invented his raft made of foam core because others in the marketplace were too heavy or bulky to transport or were too unstable on the water... Read More